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by admin on February 16, 2015

As a professional violinist and violin instructor, I would like to encourage all my readers,  students, and parents to support the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the Nevada Arts Council (NAC).

I was recently awarded a $650 Professional Development Grant by the Nevada Arts Council to help defray the cost of attending the American String Teacher Association Conference in Salt Lake City March 18-21, 2015. The sessions I will be attending include such topics as violin technique, advanced orchestra skills, effective practicing, teaching adults, time management in the classroom, and developing creativity in beginners.

Private instruction is my primary source of income, so attending this conference is financially challenging. Not only is there the cost of attending (conference fees, airfare, hotel, meals, etc.), but there is also the loss of income incurred by missed lessons.  The Nevada Arts Council Grant makes it possible for me to learn and improve my skills and network with fellow teachers in a professional setting.

I serve as the Education Director of the Carson City Symphony Association, in the role of a professional musician and consultant who helps teach the two Carson City middle school orchestras and Carson City High School’s orchestra programs. As part of the Symphony’s “Strings in the Schools” program, I teach beginning violin classes to elementary students and direct three after-school orchestras every week. I also direct the Symphony’s “Not Quite Ready for Carnegie Hall Players,” an orchestra for adults. All the information and inspiration I bring back from the convention will be shared with all these groups.

By supporting the National Endowment for the Arts and the Nevada Arts Council, you contribute to vital components of the quality of life and education in Nevada.  It’s easy – just go to:

It’s free, keeps you in touch the latest arts issues, and provides easy instruction on how to contact your legislators to let them know how important it is to support the arts (it takes only 2 minutes)!


NEA/NAC Endorsement

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